The Relationship of Human Resources and Natural Resources Causing National Condition of Indonesia

Indonesia. This is the name of a country with a big population number located in a very strategic spot in this planet. Settled exactly in the intersection point of two lines connecting two pairs of different continents and oceans, Indonesia has a very great potential of being a developed country, at least based on its geographical position. Indonesia is the center of an area of the world containing two great continents, Asia and Australia, and two vast oceans, Indian and Pacific Ocean which make it a very strategic place. Another consideration that Indonesia deserves to be a strong country is the great amount of its natural resources. Tropical forest of Indonesia is the 3rd largest of the world which is rich in various biological resources. Its seas covered more than 5.8 million km square area of the whole 1.9 million miles square area of the country. The potential of fish being catch is about 53.9 million tons/year. The beauty of its nature also becomes one important asset. Bali is known all over the world. This fact shows us how rich is Indonesia. It has a complete potential in every field of economy, especially capital sources. God blesses this country by giving fertile soils, nice climate, and splendid nature; so that this country is called “Zamrud Khatulistiwa” which means Equator’s Emerald.

Indonesia has been an independent country for more than 61 years. The independence was declared by Soekarno and Hatta –who became the first President and Vice President of the country– in August 17th, 1945. Along these six decades and one year, Indonesia has passed some era. Every moment has been the part of the history of this country growth. This period is not a short time to build Indonesian national power. This is not a short time to create prosperity for the people. Moreover, Indonesia has been awarded an incredible number of natural resources, both in quality and quantity. This is a worth gift from the God which could be a very valuable capital to build the nation.

Now, the question is, has Indonesia been a prosperous country? It is a simple question but quite difficult to be answered. If we look at the whole part of Indonesia, we may see the global view of a country thrown in a difficult position. Too many problems have not been solved yet. These unfinished problems create other new problems. Let’s take a look at this closer and more specific. Indonesia is the country which has not been fully wake up after multidimensional crisis hit this country in 1998. The chaos struck the economic, social, and the governmental/political system. Monetary Crisis hit the stability of its economic condition. In the field of politic, we have seen that reformation caused uncertain politic condition. Social problems rose up and it’s continuing until today. The problems spread through every field. Briefly, Indonesia has been failed to use its natural capital to reach for national welfare. It’s very tragically to realize that many people of the country live in poverty, while God has given the perfect richness to its nature.

Natural resources don’t contribute too much for the people prosperity. It’s such a confusing situation to find the cause of this contradiction. Maybe we have to look at the human basics characteristics. Man will be a work harder if he live in a hard environment. In the opposite, man will become lazy if everything has been provided for him. Some Indonesian people are accustomed to enjoy facilities served by the nature without some reasonable struggle to gain for it. There is a belief grow in the people’s mindset that this world is only a drama played by the God. So, just let the life goes on that way. They may think “It’s not a big problem if I have no money to school my children as long as my family can get some food and sleep everyday”. Everything has been rolled by the God so just follow your destiny. Then, these thought cause a negative effects on the development of the individual life quality. Next, the accumulations of individual life qualities will become national life quality as a whole. The laziness could be main reason welfare is very hard to be found here.

But, not all the people are lazy. Not all the people get bad education. There are so many ”clever and smart people” in this country. They have a high score in IQ. They have good knowledge. Unfortunately, most of them care about the national condition. Most of them only think about their self. They never want to know how many people in his neighborhood live in poverty. They only know how to collect money for their self, how to get a strategic position in any field they work, how to be “respected people”, and how to get rich and rich. Tragically, this mental condition exists in the most of the people who work for governmental institution.

Let’s try to make it easier. Human Resources quality is the answer why building the power and prosperity is a very hard thing to do in Indonesia. Globalization which covers the world nowadays demands high quality of Human Resources. Indonesia’s Natural Resources will not be useful if the people don’t know how to use and process it in the right way and how to share with other. So the issue would be “The Richness Natural Resources + the Minus Quality of Human Resources = Indonesia Today”.

Human resources quality is not a simple thing to be explained and to be grown. The definition of quality here is not only based on intellectual capability. It is not only about the amount of things known. It’s not only about the ability to speak and convince people. It’s not only the ability to study something. It’s also about how to care to the condition of the country, how to feel the nationalism, how to change those terrible condition. In Indonesia, the prosperity concentrated in a few small points.

The minority of rich people is getting rich, while the majority of poor people is getting poor. The gap is getting wider. In Jakarta, you may see a 50 stories high rise building stands arrogantly beside a small shack made by noodle cardboards. Inequality is a serious matter in Indonesia, like what is happening in other 3rd world countries. But, in Indonesia, the gap becomes too bold. It’s the signs of Capitalism. However, we can’t accuse the capitalism or globalization as the cause of the decline happening in Indonesia. Realized or not, globalization can not be stopped. The consequence is natural selection is happening. The powerful country will survive, and weak country will be hard to grow.

Economic, social, and politic conditions determine how wealth a country is. It’s a fact that human resources quality forms the condition of the country. Indonesia is formed by its people. The Quality of the Nation shows the quality of the people. The culture of Indonesian people has no such good values to increase and maintain the quality of Human Resources.

The natural condition may be the cause that forms the Indonesian people. Friendly climate all the year doesn’t teach the people to think far away to the future. Life is only today, like there is no tomorrow. It’s different with the people who live in four seasons countries, such as Japan. The Japanese are accustomed to create a good plan for the future, so that they have vision of future. Indonesian has no this habit.

If we look at Japanese culture, we know a very popular concept called “Bushido”. This concept of moral ethics accentuates loyalty, justice, abashment, etiquette, purity, plainness, spirit, honor, and honesty. This value doesn’t exist in the culture of Indonesian.

The people of Indonesia have to learn from Japan. To build the country, we need to find the basic problem. And Human Resources Quality is the basic problem to start building the country. The most important part of human resources quality in the context of Indonesia is concerned with the Spiritual values which have to be existed in every individual. Natural Capital is not enough to create a powerful country. Nature is a facility that has to be used in the right way. To used nature for prosperity, we need eligible Human Resources. And the problem is Indonesia lack of Human Resources with this qualification.

Then one thing to be increased is the spiritual capital of Human Resources. The spiritual values which include honesty, charity, care, enthusiasm to be better, need to be raised up in the mind of the people, especially for they are who the Ruling Elite of the Nation become.

If those positive values have been included in every Indonesian people personality, this country will move on a high acceleration to reach for the prosperity. Because Indonesia has rich natural resources, it will be easier to make this country to develop faster if the Human Resources as the activator of the improvement have been realized their condition. And if they change their own condition to be more competitive in quality, this country will be better and better. And one day we will find a very prosperous country in the world where the people are work harder, care each other, and practice the positive spiritual value in their daily life. And this country is named Indonesia.



Rachmat Rhamdhani Fauzi

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